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dont know if aba has ever done anything like this before but i remember back like 5-6 yrs ago espn partnered with the nbl and they telavised races like south park

ABA has had two programs on cable, Pump and Crank. Both were in a series format and covered all sorts of racing coverage.

The problem today in getting on TV is $$. ESPN will not talk to you unless you are bringing advertisers to the table. This can probably be attributed to the sucess of the X Games. Extreme sports TV is big business and ESPN like other networks wants ad dollars. The content is not a factor. That explains why lawn tractor racing, food eating and other odd sports broadcast. They appeal to a demographic that draws corporate advertisers.

Its a chicken/egg thing. You need TV to draw audience and be of interest to advertisers but you need ad money to reach TV. Unless a BMXer has Bill Gates as his dad, BMX is a tough sell on TV. ESPN dropped BMX racing because they don’t understand it and how to film it.

In the meantime, ABA is doing a live video webcast of the Blackjack National this weekend. Check it out.