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the worst thing that the nbl could do was to extend the amount of move ups a rookie needs to move up to novice. It used to be 8 and you would move up quick but now 15 thats a joke. especially that they only get one for every local win. novices get 20 until they move up to expert. honestly when you turn 16 they should have a certain amount that you would get while beeing expert to move up to a lower pro grade. there is alot of super fast experts out there that wont ever even try to move up to a pro class just becuase they have it easy in there class. thats the main reason why most older novices wont go up. I honestly dont care when i move up, now if only everyone raced there hardest everytime there out on the RACE TRACK then we wouldnt have this problem. Why race if your gona just pull on the brakes and loose on purpose. It seems like thats what makes you the best of the best in the nbl. and thats by haveing the unfair advantage.