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brett whatever you guys decide to do please speak to somoene over at cheri lindsay track they had a heap of trouble this yr when they decided to “make the switch” and had problems with their contract and what happened in all of this was that the riders suffered. i spoke to a friend of mine who has ch lindsay as his home track and he said when all was said and done they had a total of 5 LOCAL RACES and ended up back nbl… their season was shot.. the kids suffered in the long run.

so i am not saying not to look elsewhere but whatever you do please have all your eggs in a basket and research this fully would hate to repeat the same scenerio here in jersey we dont need the riders racing less our goal is to get more riders on more tracks and more often correct?

this comment referring to your legal thread/ nbl contract above. i dont know anything about what we can or cant do but please speak to someone at this track who has been there done that…i believe g.elmy visits this site as well as nebmxnews.com on occasion ask him he is very knowlegable about the transition( or lack of it ) that they went through.