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Dale, ABA is not based on total points collection for nationals. Best 6 scores count.

Now for your district (state of N.J.) it is total points collection, which is great. The kids get rewarded for supporting their local tracks as those points go towards their district plate that they can run at any race in the nation. The kids can run as many single point local races as they want and they are rewarded for doing so. What do you currently get from the NBL for running dozens of local races each year? Nothing. The NBL state high points plate will go to someone who runs the 103 national series. An Expert perfect at a NBL national gives you 800 local points. It is impossible to pass someone by racing locals when they are pulling down those kinds of points. We have riders here in DE and PA that will hit 100+ locals in a season, because they get something out of doing that with the ABA.

Also, in the ABA you do not get all of your main points from the nationals until after you have raced 10 single point races. For every single point race you do you get 10% of your national scores added in to your district. This gets the national riders to come out and race locals. If they do not race them then they do not compete against the local racers for the district points and plates.

The way the Worlds was run this year was a joke. If that is what we are banking the future of the sport on it will be sad.

It seems a lot like comparing car racing. NASCAR is a true American motorsport where F1 is euro.

The ABA is more Americanized like NASCAR and the UCI is on the lines of F1. The NBL is making a swing for the F1 fame and is the Indy Racing League (IRL).