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college teams competing that would get some attn from riders/parents/sponsors/media

face it a very small % riders have the talent to make this a job. why not have colleges have bmx as a competition sport like football, baseball etc with scholarships…the works..

if a kid w/talent in a sport like football take mcdow for example.. he is one of the fastest riders out there… now next yr when he thinks about college and he will prob get offered some sort of assistance/ ride for school do you think he is goin to say forget it i want to ride my bike?? athletes have to make decisions that will benifit them for the future and unfortunately if he was to sign a letter of intent i dont think they would take to highly to him racing bmx in his spare time. i dont know this as fact but i think this is more common than we think. hs coaches get ticked off if you injure yourself doing “outside sports” other than what your varsity sport is i can only imagine colleges being strict as well.

so what do these kids do when the parents are faced with a decision? football or bmx? the ride could mean the dif of getting in a better school that the athlete wouldnt necessarily be accepted to otherwise.

i dont know what the answer is. would be nice if bmx racing was a more mainstream sport for this reason alone.