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Did I here correct, you and Pete had a run in? Hope everyone is healing up fine. What are the details……….I need to move back east, you guys are having too much fun!


I spoke with Pete a little while ago, and I think he said one of his tire tubes blew coming out of the last turn at Flemington and he got all messed up in the rollers, fell right in front of me as I was trying to get by. I dented the top tube of his bike when I fell on him. We were fighting for 4th but behind 3 experts, so actually fighting for 1st. Yeah, were back at it already. Brett said he is gonna move up just to stay away from me. 😀 One week its me & Klimecki, this week its me and Pete.

I’m going to the Greg Hill clinic this weekend, so hopefully we’ll see some improvement and less carnage. 😯