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I went to it, and it no longer exists. But I will give you the low down.
The NBL track in Binghampton NY, went ABA, but appears that their contract, was still in effect with the NBL, thus meaning they were in breach of contract, so the good people at the NBL sued or threatened. So now the track says it will come back and finish the remainder of it’s obligation, but Noooooooooooooo, now the NBL wants to renegotiate, prior to allowing sanctioned racing, in the meantime, the city has no interest in the track or BMX itself, so they don’t care.
In the interim, the kids can’t race either sanction, and the NBL contiues to renegotiate the contract! Why? Hmm hopefully they will get some one they can controll running the track.
Sounds like a bunch of petty A**holes. Let the track come back and the kids race, if you care so much about the sport, and when their contract is up they can go ABA, what are they so afraid of. This is what that more tracks will slip through their fingers. I think this single thing, may have hurt the NBL more than anything. Outcome no firm opening date for the track and the locals still have nothing to ride, except the nearby ABA tracks