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Underclassed BMXers Riding Clips. it’ll be a sanction specifically for well, you guessed it with 35 national weekends.

Union of BMX and RC cars. The first sanction to actually turn a profit at local races by running both BMX and RC cars on the same track. The old guys that want to go back to the 80’s tracks will flock to it.

Underage BMX Racer Chicks. I won’t be elligible to compete but hell yeah, I will go to EVERY race!

Urban BMX Rapper Class. Races followed by best gangsta rap wins. Yes, yes, ya’ll.

Utopian BMX Racing Confederation. BMX with 70 moto local races, 700 tracks, $25 national entry fees, TV coverage, our OWN Olympics, no cherrypickers, slingshotters, players, haters, or whiners. And it will all start here. In New Jersey. Amen.