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@Caveman wrote:

Chris, so this is all your fault!?!?!?!? 😆
And you call yourself a Deptford local? I’m shocked.
That does it, you and your son both get it next time I announce at EHT. 😆
Yeah, I remember my first race. One piece cranks, front brakes, and a pie plate. And I wasn’t clipped in either. My secret weapon was my chrome checkered pads.

HA HA you forgot that we all had loose headsets and stripped Handel bars
now that’s when rookies were rookies !!!! 😆 😆

That’s funny my wife was asking me who the announcer guy trash talking was !!!

The next race that you announce my son will be novice and if you have anything to say to me you will be saying it to my backside !!!! 😛 😛
I’m not going to LET you beat me in cruiser agin!!!!! 8) 8)