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It’s always best when riders are in control.
I just feel that flat never gets the respect it deserves and I’d like these guys who bust their a** every day for nothing to get some kind of payoff. I want Joe Freakin’ Sixpacks money in the freestyle guys pockets.
X-Games su*k.
Dew Action Sports should do a series, they have their sh*t together. It’s still annoying a bit, but that’s because the glossy B.S. doesn’t fly with me.
I have to disagree with the attitude thing, I don’t see too many good flatlanders dissing kids who are just starting or trying…
but yea, they are gonna dis the 30-40 something dude who says, “yea man, the miami hopper days…now THOSE were tricks!” Because in effect they’re saying that the new stuff su*ks and only the old school is any good.