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Ok from what I know of Ed he wants Sick Child is its own entity and I dont blame him. Shawn White who owns

now lives in San Diego and those two guys push each other with stuff so I think evrything will fall in place.

I am a flatlander at heart but I think that it is quite obvious that companies,riders and spectators prefer to concentrate on the ramp/street element in an economic sort of way.

Flatland by no means is dead or dying , it is just a misunderstood activity by those who dont partake in it. Simply go to http://www.flatlandfuel.com and see that Flatland is alive and thriving just on an underground level.

I honestly think the best thing that ever happened was flatland being taken out of the XGAMES (again just my anti-neon opinion). Now flatland is in the hands of the riders and it is up to them to sculpt the future.