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Dude, yer bringin back some good memories…and Oingo Boingo rocked.

That was a fast build on the Hutch, you rocked it! Hate to say it, I actually don’t remember everything. We got a nice write up by the ABA for that weekend. I still have the clipping from the ABA rag.

Whoever is reading this, to comment about Garrett Mountain, try and picture this: Mr. PJTaft himself flying across a parking lot, he bunny hops the curb, but does not see the massive puddle “hiding” in the grass. His bike “sticks” the landing, and I mean sticks. It stopped in like 6 inches of unseen mud. PJTaft does a full OTB and lands full out, flat on his back in the puddle. All that was missing was a surfboard to hang ten on the wave that followed.

We gotta go back man! Any other No. Jersey crew out there? Share some stories, love to hear ’em!