by Adam Guild

Who are you?

Mike Wilson

What is your first memory of freestyle?

Brett Middaugh in like 1985. Jam on it!

Who were your influences?

Brett, Adam G., Waldo, Rodney, Rob, Adam S., Bob, Jay, Sean , Ed, Erin, Tunney, Lam, Leslie, Ross, Plywood Hoods, Jeff Crawn, Hoffman, Sinisi, …and many more.

Who were / are some underrated riders?

Ross Smith, Ivan Adamak, Frank Lam

Who was in your riding crew?

Adam G, Rodney, Erin Donato, Adam Stack, Bob Ryer, Frank Lam, Brian Tunney, Jay and Sean for awhile , probably a lot more people I can’t think of.

At a certain point I think that Adam Stack or I pushed you over the edge, can you reflect on those times?

I took the challenge and had fun.

Are we headed into another BMX / Freestyle recession?

No way . It’s just starting to blossom.

You are an amazing flatlander, why did you never push for sponsorship?

Riding is just a positive way of escaping the real world and having fun. I didn’t want to make it into work. Maybe I should have because carpentry and painting suck. Most of my friends would flow me parts anyway.

Who is making a difference in the riding world today?

Lots of people are making moves. Hoffman, Miron, Eaton, Moeller, Milligan, Sinisi, Crandall, Zeilinksi, Dolecki, Tunney, Losey , too many…

What changes would you like to see as far as organization or growth of freestyle / BMX?

I can barely keep up .

What have you accomplished as a rider?

Not much. Good times, wild moves and scars. I placed in a few contests back in the day. I tired out for a couple of commercials. I traveled a little bit. The best is yet to come?…

I remember frequenting a bank to wall in Piscataway and you would always ride flat in the adjacent lot. Now I hear your ripping it on street and in a street video yet to be aired. What’s up with that?

I ride anything that might be there at the time. I was riding vert last year a couple of times. But most of the sessions are street with a little flat thrown in for flavor. I don’t know about any videos.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks to all the people that supported this sport and me. Now people in NJ with money support me now and hire me for your home improvements.!