The video posted below is courtesy of Mr. John Malone. John was one of the original Teaneck Streakers. They were one of NJ’s first BMX teams put together by none other than a OS legend, Charlie Litsky. These guys went on to have a national caliber pro come from their local group and were some of the winningest riders of their era. What was their era? The FIRST BMX races in the state of New Jersey in Millville. John mentioned these 8mm’s to me more than a few times and I’m very happy to say that they are on the web for everyone to see. Kids, check out what us old ferts rode before the days of threadless headsets, threepiece cranks and double butted tubing. This IS the ORIGIN of organized BMX in New Jersey. Much props to John for getting this out there. Ladies and gents, 35 years ago this year…in Millville, New Jersey, this was going down.


from John:

Where BMX started in NJ, 1976 in Millville. The Teaneck Streakers were one of the first sponsored teams from NJ and thanks to best friend Mike and the rest of the Talarico family, we have these clips to see what it was really like BITD. Sorry Mike, the first clips I posted are of me winning…more to follow