Yes Virgina, there is still BMX racing in NJ. Hot on the heels of the state commissioner of NBL BMX racing in NJ resigning came this “controversial” President’s Cup jersey design from an undisclosed source. Quickly put up on the unofficial source for BMX racing discussion in NJ, Bill Hayden’s  website, comments and “intense” discussion immediately ensued. Being a BMX freestyler at heart, I knew this had to be some sort of joke although I could definitely see a contingent of our freestyle guys wearing these at an event, ‘jus do make a imprezzion”… I figured the racing community, which is run largely by a parent’s organization would be…to be blunt, none to pleased.

To say the racing community got crazy about it would be an understatement….

Here’s a few quotes taken from facebook:

“r u kidding me let me tel u this ….. im not wearing it”
” i wouldnt use that as my dish rag…. you could probably sell those at the wildwood boardwalk…”
“I cant believe someone voted they liked it”
” Had to be the idiot that approved it.”
“that jersey would make nj look silly…. i get the humor in it but its not for racing …… rep nj with pride not mock nj…”

From what BMXNJ has been reading on message boards on BMX racing all over the state, apparently this WAS the jersey to be made but due to the “controversy” generated by the design it will in fact be replaced by a more NJ acceptable design for the actual race.

If you’d like to read more about all the fun stuff that goes on with BMX racing in NJ, or just want to B.S. with the man who runs  head over to his site, if you wanna see the full run of events check out this great thread on the discussion board for NJ BMX racing… “‘deh joize” 

BMXNJ’s opinion (not that it matters…since we don’t chill at the races anymore), although a jersey like this would be funny, at a big race like the President’s Cup (it’s this race that the NBL puts on where all the states bring their best racers to go against each other, see who is best and the states get monetary kickbacks for how high they place), it would be sorta inappropriate. The thing we find most disturbing is apparently this was leaked out by an official member of the board which sorta makes up wonder who is watching the shop there in NBL NJBMX racing land…

NJ BMX racing…always a trip.

For more on NJ BMX racing head over to the official site for the NBL in New Jersey:  ….or if you want to have a good time without drama head into Hunterdon County and go to the Alexandria Pump Track . (Just read the Alexandria site, CRAZY! they got 150 riders at their pump jam….more than most BMX racing tracks get in NJ….hmmmmmm, them fellers is on to sumtin.)