Although this was under wraps and was sorta supposed to stay that way for awhile, the noose is loose and it’s now known that SNJ rippertator Matt Blew is the first USA rider on what will be a revitalized Eighties Bike Co. effort here. George Hoernig had been leaking me details of this over the summer and it seems to all be coming together. Eighties is a very solid South American company with well made parts so we should be seeing a lot of these guys after the apocalypse on 12-21. Everyone of course remembers Matt as the cover man to issue 7 of BMXNJ magazine which went along with his bio in there. (what? you didn’t see it? shameful! and you are a NJ native?, go to this link right now! BMXNJ Ish 7) This is a pretty wild edit not just for the riding but also for the noticeable lack of a hip hop song for the soundtrack. Matt instead went with a classic 70’s rock tune from CCR (Credence Clearwater Revivial) called Fortunate Son, which sorta deals with how the privileged are never asked to truly sacrifice but the rest of us…well….we do what we gotta do. In this instance, it’s kick ass on a BMX bike. Matt Blew. (filming and editing by: Austin McClure)