This is what happens when there is a good skatepark near a good shop that supports BMX with riders who want to promote their scene. (How the land of the eternal jock, Efingers ,turned into a thriving BMX shop is going to need to be more fully researched in a future installment somewhere in BMXNJ land…LOL) What happens is constant edits, updates and hyperbole, like this week of constant updates from the E-Fingers gents. Here the lens of Justin B captures, Dean Watson, Eric Marion, justin Benthien, Alex Bodnar, Rich Danielson, Anthony Villani, Ben Bentivegna, Tyler Bailey, and Patrick Cecilian. (How Justin capture himself we are not going to get into here as it requires explanation of quantum physics, etc.) Anway, here is another edit from the men of Bound Brook’s, Efingers.