Dean Watson is a local rider hailing from the Hillsborough area of NJ. He rides street, ramps, dirt, whatever, just as long as it is in front of him. I’ve seen him completely tear apart the skatepark in Hillsborough, doing things I never imagined anyone doing at that park. His style is pretty unique, he doesn’t copy anyone and does whatever he feels like doing. He is a real nice guy and also has a passion for music as well. If you ever get a chance to ride with him or watch him ride, pay attention. He is coming up and definitely worth watching. Since he got the cover of the last ‘zine I decided to interview him, enjoy. Somebody sponsor this kid!

****All pictures Courtesy of Rick Danielsen****

Name: Dean Franklin Watson

Age: 18

Location: Hillsborough, NJ

Sponsor(s): Efingers

So how long have you been riding for?

I have been riding since very young with ya know like pallet ramps and what not…but serious park and street and what not, 5 years strong.
Who are what got you into riding in the first place?

My older brothers Mike and Jon raced, so we had bmx bikes…I was handed down one and aimed toward a ramp and told GO!..hahah
Who are some riders that you look up to?

The legends: Aitken, Dehart, Childs, Marion, and Feeeellix!!


You recently got the cover of the BMXNJ ‘zine, how did that feel?

AWESOME! stoked and thanks to BMXNJ


What do you prefer brakes or no brakes?

No stoppers please…


What is your riding scene like where you live?

Hahah..Boro(Hillsborough)..we got some kids…I love them all like children..even though some of them are as old as me..hahah..ANN VAN CREEEW…
What were/are some of the hardest tricks that you’ve learned/are 

Hmmm…uhh anything involving taking my hands off ( 3 tuck to fakie, truck to fakie, 270 tucks) but they are my faaaaavorites
What are some of your favorite tricks to do?

HANDS FREE BLUE TOOTH AIR JUMPS!..aka tucks, bar twirlers aka bar spins…I like the tricks that make everyone look at me like…uhh that was soo lame…but AWESOME!


Do you enjoy competitions or just riding with a couple of your 
 friends with no pressure?

Well..haha the comps I go to I’m usually riding with all my friends…but I’ll take a nice road trip with the Toners over comps any day
Any opinions about the current X-games or Dew tour?

X is out Dew is in….EXCEPT for the street comp..that was awesome…just needs more coverage
What are some of your favorite BMX videos?

Odyssey video 03’, Fitlife, 2×4 vid, Call it A Day…

What gets you motivated to ride and how do you stay motivated to ride?

Haha right now…the Nike video!…gaaaaahh!!!
If you could choose one person to meet, dead or alive, who would it be?

My Grandpa..R.I.P. Pops!
I know that you were the lead vocalist in the local Hillsborough band Our Crisis, what was that like? Could you relate to riding in anyway?

Our Crisis was awesome, soo muuuch fun…too much fun…exactly like my riding..just having too much fun always…
Do you have any new music projects coming up? And, can you play other 

Projects yes!….haha…Besides from riding music is my life..i play guitar and drums every day, but I’m known to pick up the dumbest instruments and just figure stuff mom calls it a curse haha
Speaking of music, what are some of your favorite bands to hang out to or ride to?

Its weird actually I can’t ride to music…I like to hear what’s going on around me..but anywhere else:  August Burns Red, A Day to Remember, Enter Shikari, Johnny Cash, The Outsiders (Dads Band), Aesop Rock, Dead To Fall, The Beatles, Explosions in the Sky, Beastie boys…Yes..
Word Association. I’ll give you a list of things and tell me in one 
 word what comes to mind when you see it.

Sean Burns-Unreal?!?

Ann Van Skatepark-LOVE!

iPod-Lost = [


Garret Reynolds-NJ!



Old School-RAD

What do you think of the web videos today? Do you think it makes the  BMX community better as a whole or is it something you look down upon?

No I like them…from someone who wants to see what’s going on in the world.. I love them
If you have a favorite web video, which one is it?

Chase Hawks, just cause he f-ing hates them hahah
How about some movies?

Haha. The Back To The Future Trilogy is my favorite of all time…Ace Ventura 1, Out Cold
Do you go to school or work, or do you just ride all the time?

ALL 3, RVCC I know you know what I meeeans yo! Hahah. And I am a proud employee of Efingers Sporting Goods!
Name 5 riders you are stoked on right now.

1. Chris Koval 2. Eric Marion 3. Mike Aitken 4. Chris Childs 5. Dan Foley
If given the chance who would you like to get sponsored by?

Haha anyone!
What are some of your favorite spots to ride at?

Ha…The Van(Ann Van), Somerville, Shields, Franklin, Bound Brook, The Corn Trails
Have any crazy stories while you were riding?

Well…on Halloween this year I crashed real Good wearing Warluigi costume…it was epic…I don’t remember much of it
Have you had any bad injuries from riding?

Well…on Halloween this year I crashed real Good wearing Warluigi costume…it was epic…I don’t remember much of it…wait, deja vu?


What are you thoughts on street kids bringing flatland into the game, 
ex. Hang fives, hang tens etc.?

Its awesome…I’m soo stoked on I need to learn Terry Adams whip lash to hop bar..soo siick..and I looove hang fives..
Where are some cool places that you have been in the past year?

Past year…Avalon Skate park in Maryland, along with riding at the infamous Ben Hittle Ramp…soo insane.
Are there any specific places you want to visit in the future?

Utah!, Mesh, England
Who do you ride with on a regular basis?

Toner Tots!, Eric Marion, Adam Urbano, Rich Danielson, Mike Kuhn, One Eye, The Jones’ Ben Bentivegna!!!..Oh yea like Dave Mirra, Dan Dhers, homies
Any new up and comers that we should be aware of?

Chris Koval, Feeeeellliiixx!!

Does your family support what you do with BMX and music?

BOTH 100 percent…haha riding they don’t want me hurt…but music is the definition of the Watson household, 7 of us and we all play something
What is your bike set up like now?

Fit Dehart 21 inch, S&M Bars and Forks, Profile cranks and front Hub, ODI grips ODSY pedals, main stuff lots more haha…how about Chrome and copper, 22 lbs! and pretttyyyy
Well thanks a lot for doing this, any shout outs/thanks?

Thank You sir… I’ll see ya in school and out riding..SHOUT OUTS TO: The Fam, The Tooonnyysss!, EBMXteam, Marc C. Chrissssser, Thanks Guys!

Anything else you would like to say?

After reading this lovely article in this awesome Mag…GO RIDE!…