Summer’s almost over but BMXNJ is still going. It’s almost amazing considering this kinda heat is supposed to murdalize guys my age. Be that as it may, issue 8 has, Ed’s Games, FDR by Schellenbach, Frankie Day, Kyle Wescott and Stephan Salley as well as a wrap-up of the 2012 Philly OSBMX BBQ. It’s our local scene, done by an ‘ol guy and few peeps that believe in his looney cause. 

The small dude on the cover is Eric Rovi, kicking it large at Ed’s, get it? It’s a play on words…see I told you, heat, old guy… not a good combo.

Order issue 8 at the link below or ask for it at finer shops that carry BMX. (and…um, yea we can’t afford to become a free publication like Albion and Dig, mainly due to no advertising, just so everyone understands why ya gotta pay for this thing…)

BMXNJ Magazine Issue 8