By now I am sure everyone has heard of the incredibly tragic death of Autumn Pasquale. A young girl who was a BMXer in Clayton, NJ who was murdered for the parts on her bike. As is often the case with horrible events like this, they take the “media stage” for a short time and then quickly get replaced by the next news item. It would be crass of BMXNJ to let this go by the wayside so quickly as this girl exemplified what I try to get BMXNJ to be all about. Just the average person-kid wanting to ride their BMX bike and having fun. The community of Clayton, which this girl is from, have galvanized around coming up with a way to honor her memory in a positive way and the idea of either constructing a BMX park – track or gettin the township to change ordinances to allow BMX bikes has been put forth. The people behind this movement have set up a Facebook page to get everyone on the same track and make progress. Check that out here. A BMX Park in memory of Autumn Pasquale.¬†Please hit the read more link for a great tribute edit that Shane Goldsmid made up for her as well as how to help donate to the Autumn Pasquale Memorial Fund by picking up some of the stickers that are show on this page. This was an incredibly horrible and tragic event for everyone in NJ and our hearts go out to Autumn’s friends and family. Autumn Pasquale will not be forgotten.