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I’ve been diggin’ this site for a while. If your a 4-H contest, General Bikes, or Ramp-ateria vet like myself then this is the place to be. Reading this stuff makes me feel like jumping on the bike and going out to get hurt. Got many General stories like when Harry Meyers had me do an IN a Minute show for the USA Network filmed in the parking lot at the General factory. Once in a while I’ll throw the tape in the VCR. Sort of painful to watch. I think that was in ’88. I’m still friends with Jeff Crawn and a few other Ramp-ateria alumni. Branden Morgan moved to Hollywood a bunch of years ago and has had a lot of small roles in big movies under his belt. Last year he was the star in a short film called Keeping up with the Jonesers acting with non-other than Rick Thorne. Small world.
What museum is your AC/DC hat in? I may want to go check it out. That and the indestructible General Suburban, trailer, and High Voltage Trick Team ramps. 8)