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and.. im gonna get chewed out for it.. but nascar, and those dumb funnycars.. stupid.. nascar all they do is make left tuns, and that funnycar stuff.. its just stupid

Hey you like what you like. no prob with that. But you might be “dealing” with them in the future. — Funny thing is i use to hate monster trucks till I actullally saw one in person. Oh for those that do not know anyone know the name jeff utterback? Drives vintage funny cars now.

And i doubt anyone here could stand this close without a gas mask.

Yeah i love bmx and nhra, wish there was some way the two could coexist.

Me and craig treble another “hero” turns out he used to race bmx and is still freinds with “shinglehead” (who rembers that name?) Funny thing is we were talking in the pits in the morning and i said from one former bmx racer to another good luck. turns out he won the race and remeberd the converssation we had,