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There are like 1000 parking garages in New Jersey….There is a crappy one right on Centennial Ave In Piscataway.. I rode there since 1987…… Try Metro Park in Edison there are 4 ridable garages…Dime underground on Davidson Ave in Somerset… pROBABLY THE BEST LOT BUT SLIPPERY.. AND YOU MAY GET A FINE…. Keep looking spots are out there…. There is a good Gazebo to ride at in Possumtown Park Piscataway it has electric hook up also for a radio…. On River road Pisctaway in the park next to the apartments is an awesome shelter to ride in you may have to slide a couple picnic tables and sweep up a little but its still a decent spot …… Hope this helps .. Speaking from someone who spent many frustrated winters in Jersey… and a bunch of awesome ones in Cali…. later