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Victor gets 99% paid for. I found out today that he only gets 15 national weekends paid for for both bikes, so thats a total of 30 races.
I know some people are going to have mixed feelings about this and it is sort of off topic but here it goes. I beleive that one of the real reasons why we no longer see full factory riders receiving 100% paid everything is becuase of sponsorhouse.com. Yes its nice to get exposer and let the sponsors know who you are and that you are out there BUT, here is an example of 3 riders going for the same sponsor.
Victor at the time was 12x 5 time state champ, 5 time N.e regional champ and 5 time top 10 national rider.
Me at the time was 21 nov.
and a freind who is 21 rookie.
we all applied for the same sponsor just to see what would happen and we all received the same deal. The thing is, is that no body gets shot down on sponsorhouse. Anybody no matter how good or even just starting out will get atleast 3 out of the 5 sponsors that they may apply for. With this going on the companies out there dont feel the need to fully take on any riders. Now it seems no matter where you go everyone has sponsors, so no body really looks up to those who have worked very hard in getting the main one they have.