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Yep thats why I went to the hospital and to this day hate track designers that don’t put safety first.

In practice everyone just slammed on the brakes going into the triple. Rich Farside and a few others just skyed the whole thing. No one pedaled thru them. I decided if I was gonna have any chance to beat the California guys I would have to try to pedal thru them in practice. I tried and ate shi7. Walked off the track and drove myself to the hospital with a separated shoulder.

I made it back to the track as the races were just about to start with my arm in a sling. I asked my friends how they planned to take the triples. They all said they didnt know lol. Just hit the brakes and hold on they said.

In one of the first motos Kathy Hanna crashed and broke her arm or wrist. The NBL then changed the jump *&^%^%$$. Couldn’t have did this on Thursday night, nope had to wait till it put two riders that I know of in the hospital.

The worst part was Saturday’s race was on the track I helped build %$%^&*(). I posted pics at Vintage BMX and in here I think from that Saturdays race as all I could do was watch and curse.

Fridays race at the Flemington was the only National I would make all year. How different could things have been had I raced Saturday and made the main and hung with the California 16Xs. Sad no one remembers me (cept Richie Votta) and the only 16X to beat me at that years NBL NJ State Championships was Guy Metz. That was after I missed the entire summer due to my shoulder.

LOL shoulda, coulda, woulda, I know