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Didnt stop racing pro. Just stopped racing period. After 6 years on the road following the national circuit I was burnt out on the travel. The only reason I turned pro when I did was for more motivation. The sport took a pretty big hit between 84 and 85. By 85 a lot of factory rides had dried up,race participation dropped off and things started to slowly regress. Several guys I raced against the previous year turned b-pro for the exact same reason including Bubba Hayes,John Tomac,Ken Aman(Tomac and Aman were ex teamates),Dave Cambell, and Mike Hibner to name a few.

After those last 3 races I knew I needed some time away. It was always my plan to come back stronger than ever in a couple years. After all I was still only 17 when I quit. By 1988 I was itching to come back. I had been doing a lot of weight training in those off years as well as riding. I was set to make my comeback in early 1989 when I was struck with health issues. Needless to say I never raced again. In the last 5-6 years I have raced and won several road and mountain bike races but never picked up a bmx bike again.