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You can add me to that list(Mark Lopez). The last 3 races of my racing career(1985) were as a pro. I raced 2 nationals in Conn. and 1 national at Egg Harbor. Raced B-Pro and pro open at those races. Made all 6 mains. The last race at Egg Harbor I was the only B-pro to make the pro open main. The line up was- 1.Stu Thompson
2.Tommy Brackens
3.Shawn Texas
4.Harry Leary
5.Richard Zagars
6.Eddy King
7.Matt Harris
8.Mark Lopez

Of course I picked lane 8………………ended up 5th ahead of King,Texas,and Zagars.

Another guy you missed on your list was Ray Hobson. Think he turned pro around late 1983. Was a regular at Howell as a B-pro from 83-85.