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The Stirley Awards for 2007 were

Lisa Heath for female. State Secretary, CJ Secretary, registration, scoring, and on…you know the deal. She did it all with one foot all year long and kept smiling through it all.

Victor Behm Sr. for male. Though Victor is no longer with us, everywhere I would go, he would have either a clip board, his hand on the starting gate, a broom in has hand, whatever it took to get us racing. From what I have heard, he was also one of the people who, before me, had a tendency to ask questions.

These people did and do for BMX and asked nothing in return but for everyone to have a good time.
Remember the good times for one never knows how long they will last.

The Stirley Awards will return again in 2008.
…and I already have my eye on a few people.

Though it’s my belief that everyone who volunteers is important, it’s nice to give out something to show that all the guys and gals who rider are paying attention.