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For the first time I actually did do something that required taking in money.
The calendars.
I told people if we could get at least 15 people to buy them I could get the price down to $15.00.
Guess I should tell everyone they cost $10.80 a piece to make, (no big secret go to cafepress.com and make yourself an account and you too can make calendars, lol)
Ok, mack where’s the $4.20 profit going?
Well, I promised CJ 2 bucks from each calendar sale goes to their track.
So that’s part of it.
I think the other 2 will go to the state, they will get a donation from here as well.
I have a few left that I have to get out to people, I’ll check the names tonight and give them a call or email, if I don’t hear from them by Jan 6, I’ll have em at CJ. Then in Jan, I’ll give CJ what I promised them, and at January’s state meeting, I’ll give them a donation as well.

Unless you grew up with BMX around you and were friends with people like Charlie Huber, Bob Warnicke, the Gleasons, James Cerullo, Fran from Clifton Speed Center, Harry Myers….you”ll never understand my motivation.

I am, also, MORE than willing to show people how to do what I do, get calendars going, DVD’s, websites, whatever it takes to make BMX (BMX racing, freestyle, flatland, yadda yadda) bigger and better.

I think the biggest thing though, right now, is someone needs to open a new track in the state of NJ…

I actually think that this year, the Cranmer’s deserve the biggest thank you as we would have lost a track this year, had it not been for their family stepping up.

So at this time, I say thanks to Scott, Donna, Scotty and the rest of them.
And I will also say that there will be more thank you’s coming.

Will be the year.