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I agree with being more aware of consumables from asian (China specifically)countries. It has actually been difficult to find toys for my daughter that are not made in China. My point is that a number of Honda cars are more domestic then imported…..

As far as their salaries and benefits: They have retirement funds, including pension and matching 401K contributions, profit sharing bonus, the ability to move from the assembly line to the engineering offices and earn the title of engineer (and the pay, including company cars) based on expierence. If a typical assembly line worker stays on for 5 or more years they typically become a team leader and can earn beyond 80K a year. Not bad without a college education…….Teh UAW has tried to get into Honda but they get turned down because non of the workers there are interested.

Not sure what your question is about Asian workers/factories….but related to polution, Honda is a green company in product and production.

Unions in general (My Father was a Teamster) can be useful. However the UAW is one of the reasons the Detroit 3 are struggling. It has built inefficeincies into the whole devlopment and manufacturing process not to mention the bloated salaries of it’s members.

To go further with “American” car companies, check the salaries and bonuses for the CEO’s, 10’s of millions of $’s while they lay off 10’s of thousands of people……buy American translates more into corporate jet rides for the CEOs family then it does for jobs to the blue collar workers…

As I said I’m in the industry and have family in Michigan and friends that work up there that have been effected by this. I go out of my way to buy products made in the USA or Canada…..My Mountain Bikes: Canada, MY Honda Civic Canada and my Honda Pilot Alabama…