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i heard jeremy won saturday( 16x) and gary transue took 4th in the main( same class)

wasnt weimer there too along with curtis shook but didnt get their finishes…

how about the grands? how did phil and kelty do??

Weimer finished 2nd on saturday and 1st on sunday.

Curtis rode good all weekend but was only able to make the main on saturday on cruiser.

Justin Knapper had a rough weekend in cruiser with a crash on saturday and not making it on sunday.

Rich Farside won class and cruiser on saturday and had a muscle pull on sunday that keep him out of the action.

Taylor Farside won on saturday and had her first perfect on sunday. Taylor was looking strong all weekend and is starting to show Dad who is the boss – haha

Gary Transue was looking good all weekend. I know he made his main on saturday but not sure about sunday.

Jeremy Knapper for years has been asked when he was going to start racing 20″ again, well as one of the announcers had said “he’s back”. Jeremy finished 1st and 4th for the weekend on 20″. He also raced cruiser with a 2nd and 3rd for the weekend.

There were a few other riders from Jersey that I saw there but are not sure how they finished. The Grabel boys and Anthony Feinstein were there and were looking good from what I was able to see.