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I understand what the township has done but everything I’ve been talking about has been over the years. Sorry for knowing that a township considers a site a park and recreation and does absolutely nothing for it, and call it for profit. How does a supposed “business” in that form make money when the support organization doesn’t do anything to support or attract business from local people? It was all up to whoever wanted to do it. I know a lot of people who would have raced there more simply if more could have been done for the track. Kevin did a great job maintaining it, granted most of the time it was only him filling in the ruts with a shovel, quad, and a rake. We couldn’t get dirt from the township, couldn’t get machinery to borrow for one damn day, and couldn’t touch the supposed “funding” from the parks and recreation commity to do little different things we could have done. I understand the use for the land, that’s not my issue, but things may have been a lot different with those things to fall back on. Nobody can doubt that. Nothing will change what they are doing now but, if different things may have been contributed like they should have been, maybe we’d be talking about where the new track was opening up instead of how we gotta drive 45mins to practice now, lol.