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Bob, I’m not bagging on you or Bensalem BMX but you just don’t get it. Ten people don’t matter. They had another use for the land so since only ten of their residents used the track they took it. I’m not going to blame them for taking the track. And if you’re still going to bars and restaurants in Bensalem then they’ve got your money and they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Money makes the world go round. Blue Diamond switched from BMX to pit bikes because they were making 0 on BMX. Mullica Hill BMX was on 4H club land and was supposed to pay a monthly rent to the 4H club but they stopped paying it. The 4H club wasn’t getting any benefit from the BMX track anymore so they said, “We’re tired of your asses, you’re outta here” How much you wanna bet if they were still getting the rent that they’d keep the track? Because that land still sits idle.

What happened to Bensalem could happen to Flemington or Egg Harbor if those townships decided they had a better use for the land. Flemington was already moved down the hill because they wanted to put a building there. They were lucky they had room to relocate the track.

BMX ain’t baseball and as such doesn’t enjoy the popularity baseball does. So no, they don’t care about a BMX track. Anyone in this country that can get a township to agree to building a BMX track is lucky. And if you do, make sure you get lots of local kids because that’s what they want to see.