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Special Ed, Public Enemy,Kool G Rap an Polo, Chuck Chill Out and Kool Chip,Audio 2, Original Concept, Black Sheep,Scarface,Run Dmc Jam master Jay,IceTea,Ice Cube,DeLa Soul,NWA,BizMarkie,Tupac,Afrika Bambata,Tribe Called Quest, Poor Righteous Teachers,Eric B and Rakim, Rahim,DJ Magic Mike,Geto Boys,Paris, Too Short,MC Shan,The Fugees,Leaders of the New School,Grand master Flash, Mantronix,Whodini,3rd Bass, Everlast,Kool Keith,Big Daddy Kane,Beastie Boys, Slick Rick, Snoop Dog,Rob Base and DJ e z rock,Roxanne Shante,Kool Moe Dee(how you like me now),UTFO, Schooly Dee,BDP,yOUNG mc,Kurtis Blow ,Doug E Fresh………..nah I never listened o this stuff..