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well being he was the only “older guy” also he didnt want to take the win away from the younger guys. he just likes racing witht hat thing for some reason …he and gary built it the night before as his last one cranks broke. i think he enjoys racing that as much as the reg bike…haha… somehow finding junk and making it “usable’ seems to get him fired up…lol

yes having a little more time betw would help… believe it or not its more work racing pit bike than the reg bikes..think about how many revolutions your legs have to go to make it the same distance? he is goiing to retire his other pit bikes ( maybe raffle them off for the little guys at a race)since they ar too small for him an dhe wants to build another one…haha maybe a k mart/garage sale special with a little stronger cranks….lol i think he will bring them to howell to see if any little guys need one…