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@guinnessextreme wrote:

I don’t know the details, and frankly I don’t care… are you saying we should abandon the class rule? or that a judgement call was wrong today?

Not saying it was wrong….I don’t personally have a problem with it. I am just saying that when someone goes to race open and doesn’t feel like racing class, then there should not be any problems.

Loren…I was not bashing anyone or trying to start problems, just pointing out that change can happen and it can be good. Pro opens are not run often so the racing “class” is not going to change for majority of the races.

@bmiddaugh wrote:

The class rule is an nbl rule, kudos to EHT for taking a stand against a bad rule on the nbl’s part.

Of course I’m sure no one will tell anyone who this was.
I love BMX racing drama.

You are right about the rule and I am sure that the person who this was done for would not have a problem with letting people know who it was….No drama and no bitching just stating a fact.