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simple solution to 1/2 the prob make it so ppl have to use their real name to register somehow

It’s only the racers I have a problem with and quite frankly, our asst state commissioner comes on, it’s mannino…hello, lol and Scott comes on too, commish…..

So I’m not going out of my way to lock down these dumb forums.
Also the people many of you ask questions about are in a public office in a public corporation, some people might want to look up what that means.

CJ however will have it’s own forum on it’s own site next year,
THAT forum you will need to supply your nbl number and real name to get access to.

So don’t be jacking, lol.

If someone gets their kicks lurking on a dumb BMX website to see if they are being mentioned when they are someone who is in effect a public figure anyhow, well…

I’ll be honest, I too have a lot of free time on my hands but I use it to do other stuff, lol!