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Bill it could work both ways.I thought about it on the way to work. If it were left up to the riders, the tracks would step their game up and make their track the one the the riders wanted to race the championship at. And I say include pottstown. In conversation with my wife last night (I forgot she was at that meeting) She remeberd people saying pottstown would be a good fit. But even she asked “if you put them in the family and have to travel their for a NEW JERSEY state qualifier, why can’t they host the finals?

I personally have no problem going there for the championship. My question is how do others feel. I wish more people would speak up.

Btw she really likes the facilities.

It should be noted that I am not trying to “stir the pot or raise hell” as I have done in the past. I just feel that the racers need more of a say in what goes on. In talking with freinds from around the country it seems that is the way it is done, and their programs have success. Not saying that we do not, But we can always do beter.