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@bmiddaugh wrote:

And everyone better listen up on this.
Yea, sure it gives the older guys a reason to stick around, it’s fun, looks cool…all the stuff we know already.
But here is where it matters.

When Cave was putting on the music for the main, these 3 little dudes roll up next to me near the starting hill. Everytime Cave would crank the music, these kids would start bopping about and getting all into it.

This was one of the main reasons when we pushed to get the Pro/Am series going. We knew it would be good for the older riders, but it would give the younger riders a chance to see some good racing and know that if they stick with the sport and train that they could one day be out there.

The results so far from the Pro/Am series has been great. The racing has been great and the sportsmanship these guys show should be an example for all the younger riders. From the youngest rider, Jeremy Knapper, to the oldest, Rich Farside, everyone of them have been great.

And when Dave announces the Pro/Am he makes you feel like your at the biggest race of the year. Thanks….