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Thanks Craig. See so think how inexpensive some of those South Jersey land buys would be. And remember the land is equity based, add a business like a track and the value increases.

Yup in North Jersey the cheapest lot that may work was $39K. Still thats around say $500 a month and its on a main thruway that goes all the way down thru Flemington into Trenton. Depending on the down payment you may even get those lots for under $500 a month up North. Or go in halves. Sign an agreement that the land will be sold once the track closes or when both partners agree. If its a bigger lot like 5 acres then it could easily be subdivided upon the partnership disolving so the one wanting out can sell the half the tracks not on.

So just get two grownups that can afford say $250 a month plus and partner up!!! The cost of a car payment.

Just trying to get people to think outside the box. Nothing Im suggesting isnt practical or do-able.