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One other cool thing from this past weekend, and I am not making this up:

2nd moto on Sunday I am laying down in staging. Yes, laying down flat on my back. Next to me is the last moto of the first round, some of the younger cruiser dudes.

One of them looks down at me and says “I want to be on your team”.

“That’s great” I say.

Then I ask him “why?”

“Because GHP is cool.”

Boy did that make MY weekend. 🙂

I then asked where he was from and he said NJ. I recalled him asking me at a previous race. I asked his name and immediately knew who he was but I’ll leave him nameless for now ’cause I told him to have his dad come see me.

To get this kind of comment is more a reflection of the team than me fo sure, and it tells me what a great bunch we have.