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taken from the post under ideas… “top 10 things my kid told me what would improve bmx. make it better…etc”

referring to#2 on the list

Posted: Fri May 25, 2007 11:20 pm Post subject: Re: 10 things my kid told me…

9 out of 10 isnt a bad start.. here ya go..i asked danny he said to type it exactly as he wrote it..sorry if some get offended….

1- if you practice you must race ( delizia, sullivan,snyder, moore that means you)

2-people from all tracks work on each track to make em better ( not just howell ppl work on cj, or flem locals only work on flem. get input from all state riders to make each track better) *****************

3- more amature opens

4-better raffle prizes

5-more old school races

6-have more input from riders about changing jumps

7- officials should know older riders opinions b4 they change the track

8- more creative opens

9- announcers who actually know the kids that race

10- tba