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Edit to last post –

I heard today at the track that Phil did get passed down the last straight and got second yesterday. I know he lost alot of speed making the move he did, and it would have to had been the third place rider that passed for 1st because Phil had Berthiaume tied up. It was an awesome race either way.


Phil did not win today. I know he had gate 7 in the main with Berthiaume next to him. Wow, fast start, but I could not watch them finish ’cause today I made the 35x main (two motos of 35x same as Saturday). Not much luck there as I came in with 6th. With only 63 motos, they went back to a 3 moto transfer (Sunday’s are nomally 2) to give everyone their money’s worth. I spent all my money in the 3rd moto and didn’t have much left for the main.

The Jersey crew was rocking as always, but the word was lots of the CT locals were heading to Torrington afterwards. They have a great local program and word is alot of their rooks and novs don’t chase the nats yet so they’ll have a good moto count this afternoon.

As always the GHP crew made some noise and I’m proud of everyone of them. We rock. 8)