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dont worry about the helpers Parents will volunteer youll see.
Throw in some free entries for staff and its not hard.
Maybe even talk to a bike shop or two or three and get the staff a discount. In return they get mentioned as much as possible on da mic.
Raise some money by selling banner or wooden little league type signs. Find out what the LL is geting and price about the same or just under.
That money can go to a small pay for staff. Like $50 a race or whatever it works out to be.

Then when you need to raise money for lights or a fence or whatever doa 50/50 or one race with no trophies. Kids still get points and the proceeds can get the riders and parents a better facility.

Bottom line dont think like an ABA track. Think like a local kid who has never raced or even seen a track before. They just want to ride and compete. Let the track grow naturally, dont worry about looking like Sandy Utah, Cedar or Perris, CA track overnight.