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One of the wildest road trips ever, was one of the Oklahoma trips, when on CDR, riding for Kevin, lets see, the Myriad convention center wanted to hit Kevin, with an almost,no kidding here $40000 bill for damage. I had to carry Kev out of the bar!!!!! Jeremy took all of the toilet paper out of the maids closet, and made a cacoon in the room, of coarse this is after he had knocked himself out bunnyhopping things in the motel. At one point we think he had such a bad concusion, cause he walked up to this girl, not any girl, but the one with the baton, leading the Thanksgiving day parade, and told her he wanted to know her, lets say in the biblical way. Yeah we had to grab hiim and run. And then on the way home there was the parent that decided he didn’t want to drive any more, cause he was DEAD tired, and I wasn’t stopping in Arkansas, to fill out paper work or wait for a coroner. He wasn’t going anywhere any way 😈 [/b]