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Last Saturday at the Jack Frost I brought my new Atomlab Quikstep pedals. They are very cool and the mechanics are simple.

So….I lace up and “clip in” for the first time. I tried to unclip and fell over, did a total barrel roll on the bottom of the hill heading up to staging.

Finally I get on the gate…almost fell on Pete. Almost fell on the starter. Almost crushed a 5yr old…

Once I did manage to get out of the gate…It didn’t feel that much different but I will admit I was nervous about falling. Granted, this was my first time on the track in clips so it was to be expected. Actually it was my first time EVER clipped in.

That said – I am not clipping back in until I get WAAAY more comfortable with them – plus I need to cut the opening on the sole out more to allow me to unclip easier.

Note to Greg Hill – send me a couple of pairs of Atomlab Aircorp pedals.

I may end up using the Quiksteps on my mountain bike first.

Hey…I did pretty good on flats last year – right?