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hey anyone ( you older “kids” included) who wears a jersey in public is promoting..anything that promotes conversation about the sport is good. saying oh you shouldnt wear this or that is not being supportive ,its elitist( sp?)..in a way…why would you want to promote the habit of “anyone that wears a jersey is not cool, oh its better to just wear jeans and sweatshirt..blah blah. let them wear what they want dont focus on the clothes.. the younger riders imitate the older ones and when they stop “dressing” or wearing their uniforms it dosnt promote…

take for example.. a little kid in my neighborhood who my son taught him how to get the training wheels off… he told him when he got them off he would give him a race jersey( an old one he had when he was about 7 yr old).well you never saw this kid pedal so fast… anyway he wears this old state team jersey like it was gold!! in fact he wore it to school yesterday ( it was “whacky wednesday” where you can wear crazy clothes to school…lol) and do you know how many teachers asked him if he knew danny smith??? they all asked him if he raced his bike too?? they remember and its been over 8 yrs since dan has been at that school… this is a form of promotion…uniforms are impt i feel and makes it look alittle more “mainstream”. do you think ant derosa would tell redline he didnt feel like wearing the uniform at a state race or even a national cause it wasnt cool?? i doubt it.

wait till all the state teams come popping out of the woodwork this season, then you will see the resurgence of the race uniform..even if its just a jersey. personally i think the kids are proud to wear them and i wouldnt discourage anyone from wearing one.

plus its the payback for the sponsors…even the nj state team jerseys from pres cup… they are on there for a reason correct??