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The nbl regional series almost gets it right, race the locals and regionals and get a regional plate, that you can run anywhere.
The only problem there is that they MAKE you run the “regional championship” to get that $10.00 plate.
The state series makes you run around the state and the only place you run the plate is in the state you live in… $145.00 dollars for a plastic plate…and a hoodie if you get #1.
We have to figure out a better way to do this.
Maybe do away with state series in the nbl, make the regional series the big thing but do away with mandatory racing in the regional championship.
And could we PLEASE do away with the “high points” thing, all that is, is an award to whoever gave the most money to the nbl in the state that year.
LOL, you cant even run your state plate at the presidents cup which is the whole reason you run the state series in the first place.