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answered my own question…

seems 10 locals have always been counted. 06 really required nothing. 3 qualifiers only means you need to race at least one at a track other than your own. Reqional championship counts 10 locals anyway. Am I missing something? If we really want to grow the state series, doesn’t seem so bad.

Required: 7 Locals 3 Qualifiers
Counted: 10 Locals 4 Qualifiers

Required: 4 Locals 1 Qualifier
Counted: 10 Locals 4 Qualifiers
Counted: 1 Warnicke at Double Points

Required: 10 Locals 3 Qualifiers
Counting: 10 Locals 5 Qualifiers
*All 4 Warnicke races can counted as local races at single points whereas before they could not.