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Just some constructive critisicm here. Please don’t take the wrong way…

The gate needs to be re-welded in areas.

Something needs to be done with the last turn. Make it a mini version of the first turn. There’s just no speed there. It really can kill an exciting race.

Aside from these two items, everything was great. I thought the changes in the 1st and second straights were awesome. I especially love how you can come out of the 1st turn at mach 1, pull the front of what apprears to be a small shallow table and then kick it down the backside of what is actually a high table. It powers you into that double. Good stuff.

On a side note…

I’ve read many posts here regarding NJ BMX and the direction it should head. Although, I agree that PA’s, gear bags, plates, sweatshirts, etc. are cool and are great things for the riders…keep in mind that BMX starts with the track. In my opinon, any granted funds should be used to make each track in NJ a national caliber track. EHT is close, change the last turn, rebuild the starting gate, and hope that scumbags dont destroy everything. I hear that Pottstown is already there. CJ and HC need work.

Promotion and a internal system (laptop, software, printer, etc) that works would be next. Keep in mind that you can promote BMX (your product) all you want, but if your product is sub par you’ll only retain a small amount of your new customers.

There’s more, but I hate typing out long posts. See everyone at the meeting on Tuesday.